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Kartal is Changing, Kartal’s environment and appearance is changing.

Bumerang Kartal, infuses new breath to the environment it is in in terms of architectural structure and also environmentalist equipment. The project which is 1 minute of walking distance to E5 highway and metro is your new living space among greenery away from noise. Bumerang Kartal with its modern and rational architecture where there is sea view from each condominium is waiting for you, our treasured friends with its different concept.

Bumerang Kartal with its modern and rational architecture where there is sea view from each condominium is waiting for you, our treasured friends with its different concept.

Here your work grows with joy and home with love.

Depending on your wish, an office or an home. Bumerang Kartal, always makes you gain. Bumerang Kartal is special for those who want their home or work in the center of the city which you can use as a home or office and which has all types of comfort.

It will always be you who gains.

Bumerang Kartal for those who seek the center of shopping, profitable investment, a lucrative environment.

With its modern architecture and façade design, plush, aesthetic, high standards and the most advanced applications of the modern technology, Bumerang Kartal is a project where places have been created where everyone can feel special. The BUMERANG KARTAL project with a total of 57.100 m2 closed construction area; consists of 190 condominiums and 14 stores as a single block. In addition, the social reinforcements specified below shall be included in our Project.

  • Lobby and Information Desk
  • 2 Swimming Pools
  • Tennis Court
  • 2 Turkish Baths
  • 2 Massage and Steam Rooms
  • 2 Fitness Saloons
  • 2 Saunas
  • Cafes
  • Laundromat
  • 2 Small Mosques
  • Playground
  • Observation Terrace
  • Decorative Pool and Camelia

The structure’s support system has been projectized in compliance with the most recent earthquake regulation, the ground studies have been done and the static projects got reviewed and approved by İstanbul Technical University. In compliance with TS 500, C4O concrete and B420C iron have been used. Industrial ready-made mold system has been used. The area the building rests on is totally rock and the foundation system (250 cm thickness) has been applied as raft foundation. Water proofing application shall be done in the sections under the ground level of the building and all the terraces. Rock wool shall be used in heat insulation.

Silicone Façade and Aluminum Composite Panel application has been planned in the external façade of the tower and aluminum joinery +glass storefronts have been envisioned on the store floor. The use of 6mm+16mm + 6mm tempered glass have been planned for the silicone façade glasses. The Aluminum Composite Panels are fire resistant A2 (Nonflammable) class. The façade cleaning crane shall be built over the elevator tower (38. floor). The entrance doors of the building are revolving doors or automatic and their glasses are laminated.

Auto parking areas have been created where each independent section can have their vehicle parked in safety and where they would not encounter traffic. There is an enclosed parking garage for 452 vehicles and an outdoor parking lot for 23 vehicles (guest parking) with a total capacity of 475 vehicles. Enclosed parking garage spots for 1 vehicle have been provided for 1+1 condominiums, spots for 2 vehicles for larger condominiums and spots for 1 vehicle for each 50 m2 of stores have been allocated.

The Heating and Cooling Systems: are centralized and energy payment shall be made according to the pay-per-use cost management system utilizing share meters. Hot water shall be provided by central system and shall be paid according to the amounts measured.

1. Ventilating System:
  • Ventilation shall be done in each section’s bathrooms, using central dirty air discharge system.
  • Ventilation shall be performed in parking garage floors using jet-fan system.
  • Clean air and smoke discharge system, fire escapes shall be available on all floors and automatic pressurization shall be done in all fire elevators.
2. Plumbing System:
  • Fire sensing and extinguishing sprinklers (automatic water extinguishing) shall be implemented in the whole building.
  • Fire cabinets shall be placed in common areas.
  • TSE and other legislation compliant materials shall be used in tap water, rain water, waste water and fire equipment.
  • 1. Electrical Energy Distribution: In order to provide the structure’s energy need, 1600 KVA energy shall be provided. In addition, due to the structure’s high structure class, the busbar system shall be established for energy distribution.
  • 2. Generator System: In case of power outage, 1600 KVA auxiliary system (generator) shall be installed to meet electricity needs.
  • 3. Lighting Installation: The environment and façade lighting shall be time adjusted and with photoelectric. Lighting in common areas shall be provided by armatures containing fluorescence, halogen or led bulb. Fluorescence armatures with electronic ballast or led lighting armatures shall be used in parking garages and technical areas.
  • 4. Fire Sensing and Alert System: The building fire alert system has been projecized according to the 09.09.2009 dated regulation number 27344 concerning the protection of buildings from fire. There shall be fire alert buttons in fire exits and an alert siren on each floor.
  • 5. Telephone Installation: Telephone installation infrastructure shall be built in all the independent sections.
  • 6. Emergency Announcement and Music System: Emergency announcement system shall be installed in the hallways of building floors.
  • 7. CCTV (Camera) System: CCTV( camera) system shall be provided in the building’s common use areas and entrances to the parking garage.
  • 8. Security and Entrance with Card System: A card entrance system shall be installed at the building’s main entrances, doors, parking garage entrances and exits. During vehicle entries and exits, controlled access shall be provided using plate recognition system. A central computer based system shall be installed in the security and automation room.
  • 9. TV System: Cabled TV and Satellite broadcasting equipment shall be laid out. A central system which could receive satellite broadcast shall be installed.
  • 10. Automation System: An automation system shall be formed with fire pumps, smoke discharge fans, elevators, stairs pressurization fans and master switch of the building.
  • 11. Lightning Rod System: Installation for protection from lightning shall be done

There are 6 passenger and 2 fire (freight) elevators and they shall be selected from among; Schindler, Otis, Thyssen Krupp or Mitsubishi, Kone brands. The fire (freight) elevators have a capacity of 1.350 kg and the passenger elevators have 1.000 kg capacity (each for 13 people). The elevators shall have earthquake sensors and security alarms.

  • 1. Doors: The independent section’s condominium doors shall be made of steel. The doors in rooms shall be 1. class wooden-like covering or lacquer.
  • 2. Ceilings: The whole condominium shall have suspended ceiling and spot lighting shall be provided in appropriate places.
  • 3. Wall Coverings: On the walls in the independent sections; gypsum plaster and satin grind and water based 2 layer paint shall be used over the plaster. The walls of sections such as the kitchen, bathroom and toilet are covered with 1.class Vitra, Çanakkale Ceramic or Seranit or equivalent ceramics. Water based painting shall be done over plaster in floor corridors and natural granite, marble, ceramic or porcelain ceramic covering shall be done in elevator frames.
  • 4. Ground Coverings: Laminate hardwood or raised floor is used in the floors of independent sections. Çanakkale Ceramic, Vitra, Seranit or equivalent products are used in wet areas. In common areas and floor hallways, natural rock (granite or marble) or granite ceramic shall be used . Raised floor shall be used in offices.
  • 5. Kitchen: The kitchen countertops shall be Granite, Dupont or Montelli Corian or an equivalent. The countertops shall be composed of the following kitchen group or their equivalents; Franke, Blanko sink or Siemens Bosh or Teka brand fume hood and built-in oven.
  • 6. Vitreous and Armatures: They shall be Artema, Roca, Kale, ECA, Vitra or an equivalent brand.
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